Installation into new and existing facilities

Fresh-Aire UV ® – a series of systems using sterilising UVC light to be installed in all existing climate control and refrigeration systems.


Disinfecting UVC light

Fresh-Aire UV ® is a series of UVC lights that can be easily installed into all types of systems, regardless of their size.

Two types

* Output lamps for surfaces and air treatment

* High-output lamps for intensive air treatment


* All UVC lamps are supplied with high-quality power supplies, IP54.

* Teflon coating is an option for all lamps to protect against glass fragments accidentally entering the systems.


* The distance between the edge of the vaporiser and the edge of the lamp must not exceed max. 15 cm.

* The distance between the vaporiser and the UVC lamp must not exceed max. 30 cm.

Example 1

Vaporiser – dimensions: W 130 cm x H 85 cm, a 120 cm lamp will fit perfectly.

Example 2

Vaporiser – dimensions: W 150 cm x H 85 cm overlaps two 85 cm lamps.

Example 3

Vaporiser – dimensions: W 150 cm x H 105 cm, this unit will have 2 rows of two 85 cm lamps. Two rows are needed when the height of the vaporiser exceeds 90 cm.

Example 4

Vaporiser – dimensions: W 400 cm x H 200, this unit needs 3 rows of three 120 cm lamps. The third row is added when the height of the vaporiser exceeds 190 cm; up to 30 cm distance between the lamps is allowed. There should be one row of lamps every 65 cm.




Mini UV - the first UV light for Mini-Splits

The award-winning UV lights for small cooling/heating units, primarily in private homes.

Mini UV has a very small, shielded UV lamp (only 23 cm long with a diameter of 1 cm), that can easily fit into the smallest of units.

Tight-Fit Kit

Fresh-Aire UV Tight-Fit makes it possible to realise all of the benefits of bactericidal UV light in most cooling and heating units with limited space, as well as most of the fan coil units and PTACs that are avilable on the market today. The kit allows you to place the UV light inside these units for optimum UV exposure.

AHU Series 1 - The original FreshAire UV

AHU Series 1 provides a strong, waterproof power supply that can power up to four Fresh-Aire UV lamps. It is ideal for smaller systems.

Standard "L" Mount

The Fresh-Aire Standard Commercial UV System offers high-quality, waterproof lamps with a practical “L” fitting. The powerful, waterproof IP65 power supply, which has a lifetime guarantee, is included.

Choose normal-output lamps for regular surfaces and air treatment or high-performance lamps for intensive air treatment.

Tubular Rack System

The Fresh-Aire UV Tubular Rack System offers easy, flexible installation and includes all of the necessary installation parts. It is designed for installation into 15 mm ducts.

Choose normal-output lamps for regular surfaces and air treatment or high-performance lamps for intensive air treatment.

APCO Rack System

Our most advanced product APCO is based on our Tubular Rack System. The APCO cells contain active spheres coated with titanium dioxide, which reacts to the UVC light and removes odour-causing and potentially toxic VOCs.

VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds, unstable, organic compounds that are abundant, varied and can be found everywhere.

They cover both man-made and naturally-occurring chemical compounds.

Most fragrances and odours have VOCs. Some VOCs are hazardous to humans or harmful to the environment. Man-made VOCs are regulated by law, particularly indoors, where concentrations are highest. The worst sources are the incomplete combustions of petrol or diesel oil from vehicles as well as evaporated solvents.

Airborne Duct System

This product is ideal for hospitals and other applications where removing airborne bacteria is a priority. HVAC ducts are installed to maximize the exposure time with the air. Because exposure to surface materials is limited, this system uses our high-output 32″ UV lamps for maximum elimination of airborne threats. Select lattice or radial configuration. Additional lamps can be added as needed, depending on the size and length of the ducting.

High-output lamps are used for intensive air treatment.

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